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Herbal Consult (Excl. Herbs)


Herbal Consult (Excl. Herbs)


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Why use an online consultation


We firmly believe that an online consultation should never solely take the place of a personal, live one on one consult with your health professional and from the outset I would like to emphasise that this service is not attempting in any way to do so. It is however, a service that will hopefully offer some guidance and by introducing you to Herbalism, it will inspire you to visit a Naturopath, Herbalist or TCM practitioner if the need arises. 

I am aware of the need we all have to take personal responsibility for our health, the attraction to traditional nutritional therapies that build the body's ability to heal and also the mountains of conflicting information online. This is where I may be of some service. Through a personalised consultation, I can help you sort out the best herbs to start with for your nutritional goals. 

IMPORTANT: If you're in urgent need of care, medical aid, have a life threatening illness, please see your Doctor immediately. Don't mess around or be a hero. Nutrition and Herbs are fantastic for recovery but don't take the place of urgent medical care. Use the resources that modern medicine has available, seek professional medical advice first. 


What happens in an online consultation

When you purchase the online consultation, you'll receive an email receipt with a link to download the Herbal Consult Form and Energetic Profile. You'll need Adobe Acrobat reader to read the them. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. Once you download and open the Intake Form, you can fill it in on your computer and email it back to me at the email address at the bottom of the form, along with the completed Energetic Profile.

Once I receive your Herbal Consult and Energetic Profile Forms, I will review them and research the best herbs or methods for your needs. I will then type up the suggested herbs, dosages and rationale (including current evidence) and email it to you.  In 2 - 4 weeks you can organise a follow up consult (free) where we can discuss your progress, problems, etc. and determine the next course of action.

It is imperative that we work together and that you follow the report recommendations properly. This way at least you know by the results (or lack of) that we're on the right track, need to make an adjustment or discontinue altogether. The primary focus is that you get benefit and improvement from Herbalism or something else. However, please remember that herbs aren't fast acting like pharmaceuticals, and may take weeks or months to see benefits; especially in chronic or serious condition as the herbs work to restore proper function. Some acute and superficial issues will respond quite quickly to herbs,. 


Where do I get the herbs from

This consultation doesn't include herbs; only research and advice. I'll recommend single herbs that you can order anywhere or a blend that I can prepare for you. I'll provide links in the report to our herb products for ease of purchase with a code for 10% discount (single-use). I suggest that wherever you source your herbs that you match what my recommendations are in your report. There may be suggestions for herbs, minerals or supplements that we don't stock and therefore you'll need to source these yourself from your local health food store or online. 


How much does it cost?

The initial consultation costs $78.50 and includes a personalised report and a free follow-up consultation. If you require further follow-up consultations afterwards, the cost will be $50 (+GST) exclusive of herbs.



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