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Questions regarding our products:

  • Are your products standardised extracts?

Most of our stock is ground down from pure, unadulterated dried herbs. You can open any of our pure herb capsules and use the herb in tea or cooking. The smell and flavour of freshly ground and encapsulated herbs is an experience our family and customers treasure.

However, we have sourced high-quality ratio concentrates and concentrated ingredient extracts. A list of our concentrates can be found at the top of our Full Product List page.

  • Why should I buy your products instead of those of other brands?

You shouldn't!

If you're doing well with another product, then you should stay with them. Seriously. We have no interest in converting people to our products who either don't need them, want them, or are receiving benefits from another brand. 

Apart from the unarguable advantage that you're having your herbs ground and encapsulated on demand, what you get with us is clarity and transparency, meaning you know exactly what you're getting. We use clear capsules that show you the unaltered dried herb or extract. You can open any of our capsules and smell or taste the freshness. However, please remember, this is what works for me, my family, associates, and our customers. Our freshly ground herbal capsules are for those who want their herbs that way.

  • Why should I take concentrates instead of pure herbs?

If you need a measured active ingredient or very high doses, then an extract or concentrate is a good choice because it means taking fewer capsules.

A good option if in doubt is to visit a good herbalist, nutritionist, or naturopath, thus getting access to top-class liquid extracts that can be blended to your specific needs.

  • What is the expiration date on your herbs?

We don't use any preservatives or fillers of any kind. Contrary to common knowledge, powdered herbs don't stay fresh for very long. They start to lose their potency after 12 months. You can see this for yourself when you buy some pre-packaged turmeric from the shop and contrast it with one of our turmeric capsules to smell and taste the difference. You can do this with all our herbs, but the aromatic ones (garlic, schizandra, damiana, cinnamon, chaste berry, ginger, rhodiola, etc.) will be a more sensory experience.

All our stock is ‘best before’ 12 months; that is, they're potent. After that, they're still good, but the potency may or may not have decreased. We wouldn't take them after 2 years.

  • What is the difference between ‘Vege Capsules’, `Loose Tea', and ‘Loose Powder’ on the product page?

‘Vege Capsules’ means you'd like your herbs encapsulated (100 capsules per bottle).

‘Loose Powder’ means we don't encapsulate your herbs but send you the powdered herb in a packet.

‘Loose Tea’ means we don't encapsulate your herbs nor grind them into a powder, just the whole herb.  Some customers prefer the herbs unencapsulated so they can make teas, decoctions, creams or tinctures

  • Is there a variation in the weight of the herbs per capsule between bottles?

Yes, herbs will have different densities at different times of the year and also come from different regions. This is normal, and the weight we put on our labels is an average or the most common weight throughout the year. A +/- 10% variant is expected.

However, the volume is always the same. i.e., the amount in the capsule. All our capsules are the same size, therefore the same amount of herb is always packed in them, despite weighing differently due to humidity, density, etc.

  • Why isn't there more information on your labels?

We are an online-only business, and you're buying directly from the family that encapsulates your order; all information is on the product webpage. Therefore, on the label, we only include the suggested serving as a reminder. Please remember that the information is for your assistance, but we are under the assumption that when you purchase from us (ask for herbs to be ground and encapsulated), you know what you're getting and why. If you're in doubt, we always recommend you see a qualified nutritionist or live herbalist for a personal evaluation.

  • Are your products registered with the TGA?

No, registration with the TGA is required for herbal products if one is selling those products specifically as therapeutic/medicinal products and/or making therapeutic claims about those products. 

We are selling foods and food supplements, and we are not selling herbs as therapeutic pre-packaged products or making therapeutic claims about our products. We've liaised extensively with the TGA regarding this matter.

Therefore, please note:

We are in the business of selling foods and food supplements for building good health rather than for treatment.

We do not treat disease, but we sell food products to aid you in building good nutritional well-being.

If you're concerned about or seeking consultation or a remedy for a specific disease, please consult a licenced physician.

We don't alter, add, or subtract anything from these herbs/foods, and they are encapsulated (for ease of consumption), as requested by you at order. If you choose to use herbs therapeutically, that's your individual right and choice as a self-responsible adult. However, if you feel more comfortable buying ginger, garlic, cinnamon, etc. from another supplier that's registered with the TGA and therefore able to make therapeutic claims, we understand and won't attempt to convince you otherwise.

  • Where do you source your herbs?

Australian and international suppliers. 

  • I have noticed that sometimes the colour, smell, and even taste of the same kind of herb will vary when ordered at different times. Why?

Herbs can vary in these ways, depending upon weather conditions at the time of growth, the soil in which the herbs are grown, and the time of year at which the herb is harvested, dried, and processed.

  • I have trouble swallowing pills; how can I still use your products?

If you order our herbs in capsule form but have trouble swallowing capsules, you may break open the capsules and mix the powder with a flavorful, pleasant-tasting syrup, such as chocolate or strawberry, maple syrup, or even honey. Some herbs have a pungent taste, so you may wish to mask that taste with a sweetly flavoured syrup when mixing the two together. Powder can be consumed by sprinkling it over your food or mixing it with a syrup such as maple or chocolate.
Please note that some of our herbs will not make effective teas.

  • What are the capsules made of?

The vegetable capsules are derived from vegetable cellulose.

  • What size capsules do you use?

We use size 00 capsules. This size is suitable for most people because of its ease of swallowing. Each capsule can hold between 300 and 900mg of powdered herb, depending on the herb and its density. Refer to a specific herb for details.


Questions regarding the use of herbs:

  • Can I have a custom blend prepared for me?

Herbosophy offers this unique service at no extra cost. Go to our 2 Herb Custom Blend page and choose any two of our extracts to be blended and encapsulated.

  • Where can I find information about specific herbs?

Herbosophy cannot offer any therapeutic information. A basic Google search will provide ample information, or visit

  • I am looking for an herbal supplement for a certain health condition I have. Can you offer advice?

We do have a certified herbalist available to answer very general questions, but specific disease/herb usage should be consulted with a live herbalist to ensure correct prescription, dosage, and monitoring. An online consultation can be purchased here

For those of you who prefer TCM, the AACMA (Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association) is the place to look for practitioners in your area. Just make sure to choose herbal medicine from the drop-down menu in ‘Modality Type’. TCM is a great modality if you have pain, as they can use acupuncture to disperse pain signals and cupping to quickly remove congestion.

To find various disciplines, including Western herbal medicine and Naturopathy practitioners, visit ANTA (Australian Natural Therapies Association).

Nevertheless, what I need to emphasise is that it's always better to visit a herbalist personally so they can take a thorough case history and consult with you on the best course of action. This can be adjusted for subsequent visits. Some of you email me asking for advice on conditions that no therapist worth his salt would advise on without a thorough consult.

I can give some very general advice over email on an even narrower band of conditions, but degenerative, terminal, cancerous, and chronic conditions (you get the idea) need to be under professional, one-to-one care. Don't be fooled by the internet. It has information, most of it misleading, but not how to use it.

  • Are there side effects I should be concerned about when taking herbs?

Herbs are a natural source of food and work in harmony with your body when taken properly. Consult your health care professional before dealing with any serious medical problems or Symptoms

  • Can herbs be used along with prescription medicines?

Some will diminish or potentiate the effects of some drugs. It is strongly advised, though, that you seek the advice of your health care professional.

  • Can children take herbs or herbal blends?

    • children under 6: 1/4 serving
    • children 8–12 years: 1/2 serving

However, it is imperative that servings and warnings outlined in the product page are followed closely, as not all herbs are suitable for children. Herbosophy recommends that it is always wise to consult your health care professional before embarking on a course of herbal nutrition for children.

  • Is it okay to take my vitamins and herbs at the same time?

Mostly yes. Some herbs may potentiate or reduce some supplements' functions. It is strongly advised, though, that you seek the advice of your health care professional who understands the benefits of herbs.

  • How do I make herb tea?

Because we use 100% pure herbs, you can choose to make tea if desired, especially from the leafy herbs. To make an herb tea, boil one cup of water, open two capsules of the desired herb, and let it sit (covered) for about ten to twenty minutes. Use honey to sweeten if it is too bitter.

  • Can I continuously use one herb over a long period of time?

Always use herbs in moderation, and pay attention to how your body is feeling.

  • What is the best way to store herbs?

Herbs should be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry area. Avoid exposure to extreme heat and humidity; otherwise, it is best to keep herbal extracts refrigerated.

Questions regarding

  • Do you have bulk discounts?

Yes, we offer a 5% discount for 3–5 bottles of the same herb, a 10% discount for 6–8 bottles, and a 15% discount for 9+ bottles.

  • Do you have loyalty discounts?

Yes, we offer a 5% discount for customers who've registered with our site and have made 5 purchases. A 5% discount applies automatically at checkout thereafter.

  • Do you have other discounts?

Yes, we offer a substantial discount for people with a terminal illness. Please email me with a copy of your doctor's report to be added to that database.

If you’re a subscriber to our monthly specials newsletter, you’ll receive a monthly code for an extra 10% on the monthly specials.

  • Can discounts be stacked?

As some of our regular customers have discovered, discount stacking is a formidable way of saving money. Here's how it works.

Bulk discounts are 5%, 10%, and 15% off.
Loyalty discount = 5% off.
Monthly specials = 10–20% off.
Clearance discounts are 20–40% off.

Let's say you're a regular customer and have shopped 5 times with us. This means that from then on, you'll receive 5% off automatically every time you shop with us.
If you buy your favourite herb in bulk of 6 bottles, that's another 10% off; the total now is 15% off.
Take advantage of the monthly specials, which have a 10% discount, and your total savings is 35%! Not bad, huh?

Sign up for the monthly specials newsletter, and you’ll get another 10% off the specials with a special code. 
Buy the clearance items before they run out at a 30% discount, and you're saving a total of 50% with the bulk, loyalty, and Facebook discounts.

  • Do you sell wholesale?

Herbosophy grinds and encapsulates herbs in order for personal consumption only and not for retail resale. 

  • What are your shipping options?

Herbosophy offers regular and express postage in Australia.

We also post worldwide via regular and express mail.

Be sure to review our Shipping Policy prior to ordering, as there is a wealth of important information that you should know about regarding each of these services.

  • What is our return policy?

Click the following link to view the Herbosophy Return Policy.

  • Where can I find information about your company and its history?

Our About Us page will introduce you to Herbosophy, who we are, our history and goals, and why Herbosophy is your best choice for herbal encapsulation.

  • Where do I go to order herbal products on your website?

All herbs are shown and may be purchased through their individual pages. Just click the Add to Cart button next to the one you want; it's that easy. A complete list of our stock can also be found on our Full Herb List page.

  • I am uneasy about using my credit card on the internet. How do I know your website is secure?

You can tell when you're on a secure site by looking at the image of a padlock or key somewhere along the bottom of your browser's window or the address bar. If the key is unbroken or the lock is closed and the image is golden, green, or glowing, that means you're connected under the cloak of SSL security. Most browsers can also be set to alert you when you enter and leave a secure site.

  • I get an error message when I'm going through checkout. It warns me about your site.

We've contacted PayPal, and they've advised that this happens with the Chrome browser, primarily because it's not yet PayPal-certified. They suggest using Firefox or Internet Explorer. This should make your checkout process bug-free.

The other option is that your browser's anti-virus or security settings are warning you. Rest assured, though, that our site is secure with SSL encryption, and there's no danger to you. Please use a different browser or anti-virus.

  • I do not have a Paypal account. May I pay with a credit card?

Absolutely! You can pay with a Visa or MasterCard.

  • May I pay by bank transfer?

Yes! Our shopping cart supports national bank transfers. Once you make the transfer, email us the receipt number so we know when to check our account. As soon as the funds are in, your order will be freshly made and posted out.

  • I live near your suburb; can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

No. We understand the convenience that this would give to our local customers, but unfortunately, we are an online-only business. We assume that when you were searching online for a product, you were prepared to have it shipped to you from anywhere in the world. Don't let our locality change your expectations. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, but any orders that you would like to place with us will need to be shipped out per our shipping policy.

  • Why do you only have a PO Box address?

We used to have our office address up, but no matter how explicit we were in disallowing pick-ups, some people still felt like turning up unannounced. Eventually, we decided it was just easier to have a PO Box for deliveries 

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